Our Priorities:

FAU’s vision is to be the facilitator and promoter of an continentializing for all, in which all the different voices of nations in Africa, people and cultures of the world are represented and heard equally; an continentalization which allows students to grow as global responsible citizens, which promotes collaboration in research to find answers to most pressing challenges at continental level which allows the sharing of experiences to find solutions to local problems and benefits local communities; an internationalization for society and the global common good, an internationalization that incorporates a global outlook in HEIs .

FAU is doing this by achieving a fundamental tool to build a continental community of higher education and research which contributes to openness, collaboration, social justice and equity, mitigate cooperation asymmetries through education, research and community/societal engagement.

To achieve this vision, the FAU will lead the continental higher education community, including all stakeholders, towards this common understanding of integration, and will proactively engage its members in this endeavor.

Digital transformation of Higher Education

The digital transformation of society is inevitably reshaping the higher education sector and it impacts the way HEIs operate at all levels, from governance to teaching and learning, from the content of curricula to knowledge production and research activities. This constitutes an important transformation of higher education that comes both with new opportunities as well as challenges. It is an ongoing process that higher education institutions are reacting to, interacting with, shaping to remain relevant and to adapt to increasingly digitalised societies.

Strategic objectives

  • Higher education institutions around the world have a clear understanding of internationalization and are aware of the latest trends and developments;
  • Higher education institutions around the world have the capacity to develop and implement a comprehensive internationalization strategy;
  • FAU Strategy (2022-2030):
  • More information, Research and Monitoring transformations production and expansion.
  • Bridging digital divides through knowledge sharing and building global intelligence to enhance quality of and access to higher education
  • Opening up knowledge for humanity and Global Advocacy