Africa Higher Education Confederazione

Created under the auspices of UN, AU, UNASO and UNESCO in 2022, FAU is a membership-driven confederation serving the African higher education community.

FAU counts three categories of Membership: including Institutions, Organizations, and Affiliates. Our Members have specific rights and benefits. Each IAU membership category has a specific set of criteria and application process. FAU gathers almost 100 Members (Institutions, Organisations, Affiliates and partners) from more than 54 countries.

Member Institutions are universities or degree-conferring higher education institutions whose main objective is teaching and research, irrespective of whether or not they carry the name of university. Benefiting from FAU’s complete range of services and able to become active participants in all FAU working groups and activities, they also participate in the election of the President and the Administrative Board.

FAU Observer status can be granted to public or private not-for-profit degree-conferring higher education institutions.

Represented by their leadership, members receive frequent updates on Africa and the global higher education and research policy developments, as well as opportunities to influence them. They attend FAU Annual Conferences, rector’s dialogues and a wide range of events with renowned africa and international speakers. Members also have the opportunity to participate in projects and studies on the latest trends and best practices in the sector.

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