Upended by world events, the World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ), Medellín will now take place at the end of March 2023. Participants will begin and end each day with a walk through lush natural beauty as the event will be held in the stunning Jardin Botánico, a 13-hectare forest in the middle of a thriving Latin American city.

The World Conference of Science Journalists takes place every two years, and is the largest international event for science journalists to gather as peers, helping one another learn, grow, and thrive. The event has not happened since 2019  because of the COVID-19 pandemic and brings together some of the World Federation of Science Journalists’ 15,000 members in 53 countries.

During the conference, attendees will enjoy seminars, workshops, lectures and access to expertise from around the world. There will be opportunities to build contacts with other journalists and editors and to share ideas and experience, as well as field trips and discussions to provide outstanding material to report on.

For many it will be the first conference after so many virtual and online meetings, and we are together embracing a new normal; ensuring the travel is worthwhile. Successful conferences now and in the future need to provide first-hand views of a unique facility, which no photograph or video can do justice to; networking events and opportunities as well as the chance encounters that only happen in real life.

WCSJ Medellín will also offer:

  • A biodiversity hotspot to safeguard the world’s wilderness wealth
  • An unrivalled laboratory to help other nations take climate change adaptation
  • A model of how to feed populations in rapidly evolving tropical settings
  • A cultural storehouse where thousands of years’ worth of indigenous people’s knowledge can make a lasting contribution to the wisdom of future generations

This is the first time that WCSJ will take place in Latin America and will serve as a means for science writers from across the region to showcase their skills, build professional networks, and enhance their ability to contribute to the economic and social growth of their communities. It will be an important moment in the life of this region will provide lasting memories for all who join us…continue reading

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